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Amnon Caspi

Israeli ​artist Amnon Caspi designs and creates unique sterling silver items. As an infant he developed polio which left his legs paralyzed. Caspi, who now walks with the aid of crutches, defeated all odds and went on to earn an advanced degree.
Together with his brother Eric they opened Caspi Silver Ltd in 1986.
Today Amnon and his wife own and run the workshop located in Netanya, Israel. Caspi employs new immigrants from various countries as well as ​the ​disabled who were unable to find other occupations.
Caspi is a master craftsman​ in ​the use of the electroforming process ​where​ the formation of a layer of sterling silver ​covers  a mold of resin. This method allows the beautifully designed sterling silver, with its stunning and detailed designs​,​ to be created without heavy weight and  ​
often ​at a ​ very high cost that is typical of conventional solid sterling pieces.

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