The healing rooms movement in the Holy Land.

The dreamers of healing rooms in Israel – the “Holy Land” started with the words:

 ” I believe, I believe.” Now, it’s an international healing movement with prayer rooms opening in Israel.

“We’re excited with what the Lord is doing in His nation,” says the Co-Director of the International Association of Healing Rooms national advisers for Israel.

“We believe through healing miracles, signs and wonders, that people will return to their Messiah,” they say. ” we believe God is going to bring many people into his kingdom.”

When a healing room opens in a new Israeli city, word of mouth will spread and people will pour in, asking for prayer in different aspects of life. Aspects such as parental guidance, finances, individual aspiration, marital and much more.

A “healing room” is a special room, devoted to healing the body and spirit. Most often, the healing sought is from God, through the Holy Spirit. There are also healing rooms, that are not biblical, dedicated to holistic wellness and psychic healing, where “self-healing” is sought through crystals, divination acupuncture, and angelic intervention.

Back in the early days of 
Pentecostalism, spiritual leaders set up “healing rooms” for the specific purpose of praying for the sick and administering divine healing. Recently, there has been a resurgence of healing rooms. There is even an International Association of Healing Rooms (IAHR) today.

 The crossroads of humanity,” “Israel – the Holy Land, is the center of God’s heart” they say. One of the patients who fought cancer and went to one of the healing rooms in Israel said:

 “Jesus went about Galilee healing the sick, and it will be a part of the global awakening coming to Israel and the nations”.

An international author and prophetic minister also prophesied about healing rooms:

“Healing rooms and centers will be instituted in many cities devoted to praying for the sick and casting out of evil spirits. Parades of people healed of various diseases will once again occur”




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