About Us

The Holy Land WebStore is located in the heart of the Holy Land, where all religions meet and coexist. From Abraham to Moses, to King David and King Solomon all the way to Yeshua (Jesus) and his followers, the spirit and kindness of God is spread all over this land.

Our store was established to provide the most extensive range of products designed and created by artists and manufacturers who reside in the Holy Land. You will find dazzling, inspiring and authentic gifts, religious items, jewelry, souvenirs and much more. At the Holy Land WebStore we aspire to provide a personal attachment to the Holy Land and seek to bring unity and better understanding among religions.

We feature a special line of products that are handmade by artisans throughout the Holy Land from all sectors and religions. Your purchase at the Holy Land WebStore helps support Israeli artists and manufacturers, especially nowadays when Israel often faces a world that seeks to hurt its economy.

By shopping at the Holy Land WebStore, you will be able to easily find that special item you are looking for. We go to extraordinary lengths to discover new artists, manufacturers and suppliers here in the Holy Land to bring you truly original items that are local and unique in style and spirit. If you need a special item from the Holy Land that is not currently available, please contact us and we will gladly try to help you find it!

All of us at the Holy Land WebStore are obligated to providing superior service and first class quality. We take your needs seriously, with a commitment to providing you with an honest and trustworthy shopping experience.

Thank you for being a blessing to us and for showing your support.